“I am a ‘Genius’!”

By: Susan Bowes

I would like to share a Genius success story with everyone.

Three weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend who owns an 20 month-old female, Golden Retriever.  He explained to me that she had lost 30 pounds in the short-term since the summer with no apparent reason as to why??  As we discussed his concerns, I agreed to examine the dog using the Genius and so I did.  I scanned her several times over many days and I saw one common theme which was repeatedly identified at the Spiritual level. Her scans identified 8 separate and different issues of negative energies surrounding her. After having learned this I advised my friend of my findings.  He was totally blown away as he didn’t consider a spiritual connection or least of all, understand it.  I said to him, give me a few days and I will work on her; I will see what I can do.  (I was also so surprised to see this amount of negativity which surrounded this young dog.) 

Consequently I scanned the many selected libraries and panels and then I ran all of the associated frequencies in Progressive Insights, for a duration of 2 times a day for 4 days.  At the end of the week, I checked her again and lo and behold, things had balanced, no more negative energy!  

I didn’t have an opportunity to speak to my friend until 10 days later when he called me and he then explained that since I had spoken to him last, 10 days earlier, that he had just weighed the dog. The good news was that she had gained 20 pounds over these 10 days. As a result he was more than happy! Now I have to tell you what he said to me. He said, “Where else in the world would I have learned this, who else would have ever known about this state presented and identified as a Spiritual problem”??  He also said, “I could have taken her to a Veterinarian for 10 years and still not learned what the problem was.  He couldn’t believe it!!  So today he is forever grateful and amazed as to the causes, the findings, the correction and, the Genius technology!  Now he says, I’m a “Genius”! lol………  

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