“Whole Body Biofeedback App”

I have followed this technology since the 90s, when i was introduced to it by a young MD in Ann Arbor, who was building a practice around bioenergetics. When laptop computer-based systems made this technology widely available, the field exploded with systems costing thousands of dollars. It was too rich for my blood but I knew that a young couple, Ryan and Karen Williams were becoming known as the training and education gurus in the field.

When I saw, some 10 years later, that they were introducing a “whole body field” biofeedback app at a shockingly affordable price, I immediately signed up for the Gold package. I was completely happy with the entry level app, until this year, when I made the mistake of watching a Genius Insight training. I realized then that I NEEDED to upgrade. That was two months ago. Now I keep two ipads and three Quanta Capsules busy, balancing people, places, pets, situations. Where I go, they go.

I suspect that the app works with subtle energies, long recognized by mystics, first “legitimized” scientifically by Stanfored Materials Research scientist, William Tiller in his 1997 book, Science and Human Transformation. But what I know for certain is that this technology is nerd heaven for healers, and field explorers of a certain Meyers-Briggs personality type.

Perhaps, though, the most Genius thing about the Genius is how Ryan and co. have made sure that it is impossible to fail at any step of the way, 2 Thumbs up for support!

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